• Samson


Samson is a sweet boy and very gentle natured. He’s a cuddler and is happiest laying on the couch with his humans. He loves to be outdoors for extended periods of time. Does not mind his baths and LOVES to be brushed. He is kennel and house trained and will go to the door when he needs out. Does great with people and other dogs. He is not a fan of cats however. He does not get aggressive with them but will bark and lunge to get them to go away. He’s great in the car and on the leash. I have tried to leave him out of the kennel a few times but he has been known to get in the trash and steal a loaf of bread if left where he can reach lol. Also does not like thunder but will calm down if cuddled and talked too.

  • Breed: Labrador Retriever mix
  • Age: 8 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Spayed/Neutered: Yes
  • Vaccinations: utd
  • Build: large
  • Id#: 995

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