Foster a Dog

All of our dogs are fostered in the homes of volunteers. Fostering a dog is one of many ways you can help improve the lives of homeless pets. Dogs that would otherwise be euthanized due to lack of space can be saved through caring people who are willing to open their home and hearts to a homeless pet in need.
If you choose to become a foster provider, you give these dogs a chance at life, and save them from the fate so many others suffer – euthanasia while awaiting a forever home.

SDRD takes care of all the necessary expenses for our dogs. You provide rides to adoption events and veterinary appointments.

To begin the process complete the Foster Application below. Our Foster Coordinator will review the information you’ve submitted and contact you as soon as possible. Once your application is approved and the foster agreement signed, you will be issued a foster license from the State of Kansas.

If you have not received a reply from SDRD within 72 hours, please call Maura Gray at 785-230-8397

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  2. Do you own or rent your home?
  3. Do you have children?
  4. Do you have a fenced yard? Is it secure—gates, no holes, no gaps in fencing, etc.
  5. Please provide us with information about other pets living in your home
  6. Spayed/Neutered
  7. Up to date on shots
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